Articles on 16 February 2013

Student fitness requires more than daily 30-minute workouts

Zane Delucia, a sophomore general education major from St. George, combines exercise and studies. Some students find it difficult to balance classes, work and studying. Photo by Preston Hunt.

I will work out later, or I just don’t have the time.

These are popular excuses students use to not work out.

Students lead very busy lives, whether they are attending class, going to work, or trying to maintain a social life. Students have to make an effort to ...

Tech Sassy: Apps gateway to future of medicine


You walk into your doctor’s office for another routine checkup and, concerned, your doctor wants some extra tests, which means labs, extra cost and more time.

Or does it?

In the past couple of years, wireless medicine has made leaps and bounds, and getting your heart checked could now ...

Diversity at DSU somewhat lacking

While DSU aims to emphasize diversity, student attitudes can be divisive. Seeking friendships from all walks of life can open minds and enrich school experiences. Photo by Preston Hunt.

Though Dixie State University places a major emphasis on diversity, it is something the college is seriously lacking.

Diversity is an extremely important to have on any college campus, as it opens your eyes to different situations of living. 

The people at the Multicultural/Diversity Center at DSU know that ...

Gov. Herbert makes it official; welcome to Dixie State University


Welcome to the era of Dixie State University.

Gov. Gary Herbert inked his name onto the official document declaring university status for Dixie State during the Saturday morning signing ceremony.

“[Today] is a day to motivate us, to inspire us,” Herbert said. “[I hope it] gives us the vision necessary ...