Articles in February 2013

Military trains on campus for WMD crisis


Multimedia reporter Calvin Smith spoke with military representatives who came to Dixie State University's campus to train soldiers in the event that a weapon of mass destruction is used. 

Students get rides to class, win prizes


A ride to class plus a chance to win free stuff can be yours if the timing is right.

A driver of a golf cart will offer to give you a ride to class if you are willing to answer questions about DSU and national news for a prize. The ...

Theater program brings Gilbert & Sullivan's 'Gondoliers' to DSU

The witty operetta "Gondoliers," opening this week, is set in 1950s post war Italy. It runs March 1-2, then March 5-9 at 7:30 p.m on the Eccles Mainstage. Photo by Jessica Dorsey.

Set in the fictional republic of Barataria in 1950s Italy, two brothers are told the surprising news that one of them is king.

Until they are told, Marco and Giuseppe had merrily lived the life of gondoliers, believing in equality and marrying happily. Now not only is one of them ...

DSU plans home turf revenge

Denzel Daniels, a freshman social science major from Las Vegas, takes the ball downfield during a two-hand touch game at Wednesday's practice. Photo by Billy Eusterman.

The love of the game is driving Dixie Sate University rugby players after a loss to Brigham Young University.

The Red Storm played BYU on Feb. 16 at Snow Canyon High School in their second meeting of the season. The score was tied at the half, but BYU came out ...

Wrestlers continue defeating

Dustyn Roberts, a freshman general education major from Leeds, gets his teammate in a hold during last week’s practice. Photo by Billy Eusterman.

Placing first in their tri-dual at home, the Dixie State University wrestling club defeated the University of Utah and the College of Southern Nevada on Feb. 16.

The Red Storm came ready to fight in the dual, where they only lost a total of two matches.

“All [the wrestlers] dominated ...

Player Profile: Groskreutz talks determination


Dixie Sun News multimedia reporter Kylee Young spoke with junior forward Dalton Groskreutz basketball and the determination of the team in this week's Player Profile.

'Harlem Shake' just another Internet fad

In the screenshot from, DSU students do their version of "Harlem Shake." The students spared no cliches when it came to their rendition of the Internet's latest viral craze.

Awkwardly dance, and awkwardly dance some more, and awkwardly dance even more, and now freak out and have everyone around you do something random—this is the “Harlem Shake.”

Social media are full of videos that often tend to sharply spike in popularity. The “Harlem Shake” is doing just that ...

Classroom disruptions not limited to behavior


From whispering jokes to mak ing fashion statements, students may disrupt class in numerous ways, and blurred perceptions make dealing with distractions more difficult.

Hurricane Middle School made national headlines when administrators removed a student from classes because her hair color was too distracting. Administrators informed the 15-year-old student her ...

Morgan, Layton, Lewis elected as next DSUSA executive council

Juniors Greg Layton, an English major from Cottonwood Heights; Carlos Morgan, a communication major from Santa Clara; Brandon Lewis a communication major from Coalville. Photo by Billy Eusterman.

The student body presidential elections divided students’ votes and opinions almost in half, but Carlos Morgan ended up tipping the scales with a slim 34 votes.

The final numbers boiled down to 680 votes for Morgan and 646 votes for Mazie Ludlow. Gregory Layton and Brandon Lewis were elected unanimously ...

Speech Competition deadlines drawing near


Persuasive speaking will award students up to $1,000.

The Antone and Cola Bowler Persuasive Speech Competition is set for March 21. Students are to write an eight- to 10-minute speech revolving around a community issue.

Dixie State University’s first persuasive speech competition will be awarding three scholarships for ...

Spring break should mesh play and productivity

Dustin Webb, a freshman general education major from Heber, spends his spring break by a pool with his books. Some students take advantage of spring break to buckle down & study. Photo by Heather Dake

Some students get so excited about spring break they forget about school and take in the sunshine, while some use the time to study, study, study and get ahead of classes, but neither is ideal—or smart.

Janessa Nielsen, a senior English education major from Spanish Fork, said it is ...

Player Profile: Chad Gough talks motivation behind Rugby


Multimedia Reporter Robby Briggs talks to Chad Gough about rugby in this week's Player Profile.

Red Storm look to stay at No. 1, beat Sea Lions March 2

Steven Larson, a junior communication major from South Jordan, charges through the BYU-Hawaii defense. The Red Storm will play against Point Loma Nazarene University March 2. Photo by Thomas Hender

There is only one more season game for Dixie State University against Point Loma Nazarene University before the conference tournament begins.

The Red Storm will go to San Diego to take on Point Loma Nazarene University on March 2. The Sea Lions have struggled this year and have taken five ...

Red Storm win against BYU-H rekindles women's fire

Sophomore guard, Kaylah Miller, a communication major from San Diego, prepares to play BYU-H. The team is currently No. 3 in the PacWest. Photo by Billy Eusterman.

After the jaw clenching win against Brigham Young University–Hawaii, and the seven point loss against Hawaii Pacific University, the Dixie State University women’s basketball team played Point Loma University for the last regular game of the season. 

DSU beat BYU-H 80-49 on Feb. 23 with senior guard Erica ...

Request Robby: Hat, haggard clothes earn Robby $3

Columnist Robby Briggs poses as a homeless person to see how much money he could collect. All money given was donated to the Dixie Care and Share as part of the request. Photo by Heather Harrison.

I’m offering a position that pays $3 an hour; the requirements are, but not subject to, wandering the streets aimlessly dressed in haggard clothes.

Rodney Havens from St. George posted a request at

“Robby, I'm requesting you to try pretending that you’re homeless and ...

Rules of thumb apply inside elevators

Priscilla Chaves, a junior visual technology major from Tremonton, exasperates Ali Bartholomew, a sophomore art history major from St. George, by ignoring elevator etiquette. Photo by Preston Hunt

Being crammed in a tight metal box with a dozen strangers isn’t comfortable by any means, but there are some people who take making riding in an elevator uncomfortable to a whole new level.

“You always get that one person who is never courteous,” said Christopher Smith, a junior ...

Dressing well for school means finding balance

Dasya Porras, a freshman elementary education major from Oxnard, Calif., keeps her style classy, yet comfortable. Party attire doesn't have to sacrifice functionality. Photo by Preston Hunt.

It would seem a comfortable pair of sweats is now a college student wardrobe staple.

Baggy sweats, oversized T-shirts and bed-head have graced the bodies of Dixie State University students on more than one occasion.

Everyone can remember in high school where a strict dress code was enforced, taking some ...

Living spaces scrutinized; students urged to keep it clean

Graphic by Kari Lopez

"Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share."

This tune was put into kids' heads by a purple dinosaur when they were little. However, these lyrics can apply to college students as well.

Once a month, student dorms are checked by resident assistants for cleanliness and damage.

Students are busy ...

Recovered flash drives abundant in Smith, Holland

Many students accidentally leave flash drives attached to computers throughout campus. Staff members attempt to contact the owners of about 20 found flash drives per week. Photo by Heather Harrison.

Whether at the Smith Computer Center or the Jeffrey R. Holland Centennial Commons building, there is no shortage of flash drives being left behind.

The flash drive is a part of academic culture. It is used to store documents, assignments and personal data. If you leave one in the Smith ...

Red Cliffs Mall adds Victoria's Secret after Hollister, American Eagle loss

Photo Courtesy: MCT

Red Cliffs Mall is adding another premier retailer to its merchandise mix.

Victoria’s Secret, the popular lingerie and women’s clothing shop, is set to open this summer. The 7,200 square-foot store will be located near Deb and will offer customers a long awaited shopping experience.

“We have ...

Keshara on Film: Trailers make March month to look forward to

Graphic by Kari Lopez

Sometimes the previews before the film are just as worthy of watch time as the film itself.

When I see a movie, I’m always early so I absolutely do not miss the previews. If you have ever been in a movie theater with me at the time a trailer ...

Erotic Topic: STD transmission prevented with education

While other factors may certainly come into play, a poor sexual health correlation is nonetheless apparent among many states more likely to support abstinence-only education. Graphic by Kari Lopez.

Skipped pills and popped condoms aren’t the only suspects of birth control and sexually transmitted disease issues.

No, perhaps the wickedest culprit of today’s less-than-ideal sexual health and reproduction predicament is silence.

The abstinence-only education versus comprehensive sex education debate is timeless. Ethics and morals always come into ...

Elizabeth Smart to speak at DSC's Women's Conference


Elizabeth Smart is coming to Dixie State University Feb. 23 to inspire female students and community members with her story.

Smart, who was abducted at the age of 14 in 2002 and held prisoner for nine months before returning to her family, is expected to be the closing keynote speaker ...

Men's basketball winning streak ends; team regroups for BYU-H game

Senior Guard McKay Massey, a nursing major from Payson, is at the free throw line preparing to shoot a free throw. Photo by Tom Hender.

The Red Storm are looking to come back stronger against Brigham Young University-Hawaii after its first loss in 10 games.

The nine-game winning streak has come to an end, but the Red Storm men’s basketball team won’t relinquish its aspirations in becoming outright PacWest Conference Champions for the ...

Candidates have similar goals for DSU

Students discuss and vote for candidates during primary elections on the diagonal. Final elections will be held from Feb. 20 to Feb. 22. Photo by Heather Harrison.

The votes are in, the debates are over, and the position of student body president has been narrowed to two students.

Mazie Ludlow, a junior communication major from Turlock, Calif., and Carlos Morgan, a junior communication major from Santa Clara, are making their final cases to students to become the ...

Heart of Dixie striving for 'good, uplifting' events


A new production company is setting the stage for the party beats.

Staff working for the Heart of Dixie have put together several events for college-age students since co-owner Jared Kaddington started the business with his wife mid-year 2012. Kaddington said he started the company as a better alternative for ...

DSU's bookstore gives cutest couple chance to grab merchandise

Dixie State University's bookstore held an event that pitted the college's cutest couples against each other in a mad dash for store stuff. Multimedia reporter Michael Seery spoke with the contestants and the sponsors about this inaugural event.

Alternatives to Boy Scouts offer better opportunities, diversity, acceptance

The Boy Scouts of America is currently under fire regarding their policy on not allowing openly gay members. The decision on the ban has now been delayed until May. Photo by Billy Eusterman.

I’ve always been of the opinion that if people don’t want me, they can go you-know-what themselves.

Which is why when the Boy Scouts of America scandal surrounding its intolerance of openly gay troop members and leaders arose, I couldn’t help but wonder why proud and out ...

Food Space: Five Guys serve better burgers


Food is part of every culture, and it brings people together. 

There is no shortage of food TV. We can tune in just about any part of the day and find experts cooking or tasting food from the simplest dishes to the most unusual. Even though St. George doesn’t ...

Pastels, stripes among anticipated spring clothing trends

Jasmine Reece, a freshman general education major, from Salt Lake City, wears printed skinny jeans. Pastel colors and strips seem to be trending this spring. Photo by Preston Hunt.

With spring-cleaning comes out with the old and in with the new, and the same rules apply to style. 


“The biggest trends are stripes and pastel colored skinny jeans,” said Kelsey Farr, a freshman general education major from West Jordan. “Pastels can make a bold statement.”

Farr said she ...

DSU partying falters; strict policies increasing prevention

Lauren Randall, a sophomore Biology major from Upland, Calif., struggles to balance parties and studying. Studies show a decrease of college parties in recent years. Photo by Billy Eusterman.

The number of underage drinking and wild parties for Dixie State University students have decreased in the last 20 years, leaving people curious as to why.

According to the article, “Drinking Among College Freshmen Hits Record Low, Major Survey Finds” by Lylah M. Alphonse from, students have become ...

Artist of the Month: Mindee Anderson makes theater positive experience

Mindee Anderson, a sophomore theater major from Sandy, was chosen as Artist of the Month for the passion she exudes for acting and her positive work ethic. Photo Courtesy: Mindee Anderson.

From meticulous marketing to poetic performing, Mindee Anderson is a star.

But she would be the last person to say it. 

“She’s very down to earth,” said Hanna Rahilly, theater lecturer and adviser. “When you talk to her, you wouldn’t have the sense that she has this big ...

Diversity Week begins Feb. 25

Graphic by Kari Lopez

Hawaiian dancing, Asian cuisine and karaoke singing are just a few parts of what is coming.

Dixie State University’s annual Diversity Week is coming up Feb. 25 through March 1. This week includes different cultural dances, food and music to gather together students of different ethnicities. All but one ...

Parenting continues well into child's college career


College is supposed to be a time where students break away from their parents and learn independence and responsibility; nowadays, that isn't the case.

More and more students are living dependent on their parents. Nothing has changed since they were kids, except for the fact that they’re now ...

Softball team learns from mistakes, makes improvements

Outfielder Kristie Johnson, a freshman psychology major from Temecula, Calif., takes a practice swing. The team played in an Arizona tournament last week. Photo by Kylee Young

The softball team is not looking back on past mistakes as tournaments continue. 

The Red Storm, ranked No. 24 in Division II softball, have been stepping up the workouts at practice and are looking forward to upcoming games.

Head coach Randy Simkins said this year's team is ...

Women's basketball team faces BYU-H on Feb. 23

Junior point guard Jordan Giles, a communication major from Rock Springs, Wyo., looks to pass the ball to an open teammate. The women are 12-11 overall. Photo by Billy Eusterman.

The women’s basketball team, currently No. 3 in the Pacific West Conference, is preparing to face off with Brigham Young University-Hawaii on Feb. 23.

BYU-H came from a 5-13 record last year to a 5-9 record this year. Last season, Dixie State University beat BYU-H 89-72 and then again ...

Red Storm baseball faces MSUB after 2-0 win in Arizona

First baseman Bryson Kenolio, a freshman business major from Mililani, Hawaii, sets up a catch. The team will play against Montana State University-Billings this weekend. Photo by Billy Eusterman.

With a 4-1 overall record, the Dixie State University baseball team will be batting up against Montana State University-Billings in a series of four games from Feb. 22-24.

The Red Storm came back from Arizona to a 2-0 win to the Chinese National Team on Thursday and Friday.

This was ...

Students ready themselves for spring attire


St. George's warmer weather will mean residents will start dressing for spring much earlier. Social media editor Keshara Bjorkman spoke with students about their plans for spring attire.

Student fitness requires more than daily 30-minute workouts

Zane Delucia, a sophomore general education major from St. George, combines exercise and studies. Some students find it difficult to balance classes, work and studying. Photo by Preston Hunt.

I will work out later, or I just don’t have the time.

These are popular excuses students use to not work out.

Students lead very busy lives, whether they are attending class, going to work, or trying to maintain a social life. Students have to make an effort to ...

Tech Sassy: Apps gateway to future of medicine


You walk into your doctor’s office for another routine checkup and, concerned, your doctor wants some extra tests, which means labs, extra cost and more time.

Or does it?

In the past couple of years, wireless medicine has made leaps and bounds, and getting your heart checked could now ...

Diversity at DSU somewhat lacking

While DSU aims to emphasize diversity, student attitudes can be divisive. Seeking friendships from all walks of life can open minds and enrich school experiences. Photo by Preston Hunt.

Though Dixie State University places a major emphasis on diversity, it is something the college is seriously lacking.

Diversity is an extremely important to have on any college campus, as it opens your eyes to different situations of living. 

The people at the Multicultural/Diversity Center at DSU know that ...

Gov. Herbert makes it official; welcome to Dixie State University


Welcome to the era of Dixie State University.

Gov. Gary Herbert inked his name onto the official document declaring university status for Dixie State during the Saturday morning signing ceremony.

“[Today] is a day to motivate us, to inspire us,” Herbert said. “[I hope it] gives us the vision necessary ...

Students debate on what makes music comebacks successful


Some bands and artists struggle to make a comeback in today’s music industry.

Dixie State University students discussed why they feel bands and artists struggle with their attempts at successful comebacks, and which groups they would like to see return in the near future.

With mainstream music, you hear ...

Gov. to sign DSC's university status


Gov. Gary Herbert's signature will finalize it: Dixie is a university at last.

Herbert will sign the bill that upgrades Dixie State College to Dixie State University in a ceremony to be held on campus Feb. 16.

It was originally planned that DSC would become a university on July ...

Album Analysis: 2013 has potential; no albums stand out yet

Nearly two months in, 2013 hasn’t seen much more than rookie rappers relying on auto-tune and indie placeholders; however, there is hope.

Chart-toppers and acclaimed acts have slated album releases for sometime this year. Because of label politics and the ever-changing industry, speculating over these projects is a crapshoot ...

The Skewed Review: Gay men and pedophilia association must end


All three rings of the gay rights circus are active right now, and it certainly is the most grating show on earth. published an opinion piece by Kate Dalley on Feb. 9 titled “Perspectives: The Sexual Identity Merit Badge." In it, Dalley attempts to make a case ...

Student fee increases announced at Truth in Tuition meeting


 Student fee increases for the 2013-14 school year will be primarily devoted to freshmen retention programs and new student center funds.

A proposed 3.7 percent increase, or $11.50, may be added to student fees. 

Dixie State University Student Association President Brody Mikesell, a senior integrated studies major from ...

Campaigning begins with student election primaries this week


Student government elections are underway, and the primaries will be held this week.

Dixie Sun News spoke with the candidates in a Q & A session. Four students are seeking the office of Student Body President, one student is seeking the office of Vice President of Academics, and one student is ...

Bullying problems not limited to one age demographic


Bullying: It’s not just for kids anymore.

Bullying is such a hot topic, and it seems like every time I turn on the news, a young person has taken his or her own life as a result of being bullied.

Bullying is nothing more than an individual’s struggle ...

Students dish on TV's guilty pleasures


Guilty pleasures come in many shapes and sizes, and television programs are no exception. Multimedia reporter Michael Seery spoke with students about TV shows they're addicted to and why.

Has college partying decreased?


According to The New York Times, partying on college campus has decreased over the past several years. Multimedia editor Flori Wentzell spoke to students to see if this was the case at Dixie State College. 

Students await weather change for sport opportunities

Students play a game of sand volleyball on the beaches of Sand Hollow Resort. As the winter weather begins to warm, students look forward summer activities. Photo by Katie McKellar.

Students taking notice of the warmer weather are getting ready to participate in sports and activities outside.

Already the weather has started to get warmer. Groups of students are getting together to do anything from pickleball to rock climbing. 

Students are starting to search for anything involving the outdoors.

“Pickleball ...

ROTC hosts 5K Freedom Run


Dixie State College’s Army ROTC will host a freedom run for anyone who would express his or her love of freedom by running a 5k at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 16.

Organizers of the running event will throw red, white and blue powder paint onto to the ...

Government should ease up on new immigration policies

Graphic by Kari Lopez

The Senate, White House, Democrats and Republicans always seem to have conflicting opinions on our country’s major issues, and immigration reform is no different.

Senator Orrin Hatch recently introduced a bill to the senate titled “Immigration Innovation Act of 2013,” which will reform and amend the “Immigration and Nationality ...

Athlete of the Month: Johnna Brown shows leadership skills

Forward Johnna Brown, a junior communication major from Las Vegas, takes a shot against an Azusa Pacific defender. Photo by Billy Eusterman.

Dixie State College women’s basketball player Johnna Brown is named Athlete of the Month after stepping up on the court.

Brown was chosen as Athlete of the Month by head coach Derek Dawes because of her leadership in the game.

“Johnna really stands out right now,” Dawes said. “She ...

Club of the Month: Criminal Justice club has presence on campus

Club President Heather Christ, a senior integrated studies major from St. George, practices with her Criminal Justice Club at Southern Utah Sports Park’s shooting range. Photo Courtesy: Heather Christ

It’s no mystery why the Criminal Justice Club was selected as club of the month after an increase in membership and campus involvement.

The Dixie State College Inter Club Council awarded the Criminal Justice Club on Feb. 6  in their meeting.

The club was awarded with a certificate and ...

Request Robby: Pedicures, facials alien territory

Columnist Robby Briggs, a junior communication major from St. George, enjoys a spa day at Taylor Andrews Academy. Photo by Thomas Hender.

Women know how to live.

I’ve always considered the life of a lady as something alien. Some women put a lot of effort and money into pampering; it’s farfetched. I wanted a glimpse into why women do what they do to look and feel fabulous.

I journeyed into ...

School approves $20K for new drop-off zone

Campus services officials are planning to construct a drop-off zone between campus services and the Shiloh dorms. Construction is expected to begin over spring break. Photo Courtesy: Sherry J. Ruesch

A drop-off zone will be constructed between the Campus Services building and the Shiloh Dorms after safety concerns were raised. 

A new plan was accepted by the Dixie State College Board of Trustees on Jan. 18.

Parents or spouses of DSC students will be able to enter the parking lot ...

Online retailers becoming go-to shopping options

Graphic by Kari Lopez

Online shopping creates a personal experience among shoppers.

Students find it convenient to shop from the comfort of their own homes, rather than the hustle and bustle of stores.

Austin Farnsworth, a freshman general education major from West Valley, said he prefers shopping online.

“I don’t like dealing with ...

DSC to be featured on MTV's Woodie Awards


Dixie State College is joining forces with MTV.

MTV producers chose DSC as one of three colleges featured on the network’s Woodie Awards. The Woodie Awards were made to highlight music voted best by the U.S. college audience.

To kick off spring break, upcoming performer Macklemore and his ...

Summer promises variety of live music

Bass player Pete Wentz teams up with the rest of "Fall Out Boy" for their Save Rock and Roll tour. Photo Courtesy: MCT

With winter fading and summer on everyone’s mind, students all around campus are looking forward to the concerts coming up soon.

From Coachella to Warped Tour, there’s a show for everyone. Here at Dixie State College, students are excited about the concerts around the state or nearby.

“I ...

Player Profile: Munns talks journey to DSC court


Multimedia reporter Kylee Young spoke with center Mandy Munns about her journey to Dixie and her experience playing college ball in this week's Player Profile.

Deadline for undergrad research day submission draws near


Presenting research prepares students for graduate programs and study-related career paths, but opportunities to do so are often rare.

The annual Undergraduate Research Day takes place April 8, and abstract review submissions for presentation spots close Feb. 25. Dixie State College students are invited to take part in a process ...

Sugar addiction can fuel food cravings

Joe Bonilla, a sophomore visual technology major from Miami Fla., feeds his cravings. Student cravings tend to match current heath conditions. Photo by Preston Hunt.

Your begging for bacon or candy craze may cease after devouring so much your shorts split at the seams.

Food cravings can be as mild as a weekly snack or turn into a life-changing detriment. Various causes change these yearnings, and students’ lifestyles play a large role.

Debbie Mosher, a ...

Tennis team pushes toward road games after loss to SUU

Paige Nisson, a sophomore elementary education major from Henderson, Nev., prepares for the team’s trip to Arizona to compete in the Grand Canyon Tournament. Photo by Billy Eusterman.

The tennis team is preparing for a four-game road trip after a 0-9 loss to Southern Utah University on Feb. 2.

The team starts off its week on Thursday against California State University, Los Angeles at 1 p.m. It also has games Friday against Brigham Young University-Hawaii, two games ...

College prepares for 26th Annual Sears Dixie Invitational art show

“Lil Sailor” by L’Deane Trueblood is one of the sculptures showcased in the 26th annual Sears Dixie Invitational. The gallery will be open to the public Feb. 16. Photo by Jessica Dorsey.

The Sears Museum Gallery will be celebrating 26 years of the Sears Dixie Invitational.

The Sears Dixie Invitational was originally started by Bob and Peggy Sears to help fund the Eccles Fine Art Center along with the gallery, which puts on exhibits for the community and students. Also, the show ...

Bog snorkeling, wife carrying among strangest sports

Chuck Emery, sophomore elementary education major from Spokane, Wash., fights to win his toe wresting match. Photo by Preston Hunt.

Everyone in the United States has heard of football, baseball and basketball.

Depending on a person’s viewpoint, some sports outside professional leagues can be categorized as just plain weird. For example, North Americans aren’t too fond of cricket, and few South Americans have even heard of hockey.

At ...

Internet not sufficient substitute for love


It's not impossible to find love on the Internet, but it is unlikely.

The Internet is full of people who pretend to be something they are not, trying to fill a space in their lives that they can’t fill themselves. 

Ever since I was little, I have been ...

Erotic Topic: Good nutrition, diet keys to better love life


A few lifestyle tweaks can banish problematic sex frustrations like mid-thrust muscle cramps or friction burns from chapped nether-lips.

If you give as much attention to your body as your partner’s pleasure centers, you will improve your own sex experience and performance.

The first area of sexual self-improvement is ...

Online dating functional option in today's society

Kristin Simons, a freshman general education major from Las Vegas, and Matt Williams, a freshman sports medicine major from Stansbury Park, use Skype for an online date. Photo by Billy Eusterman.

It's time for society to finally and completely embrace online dating for what it really is: an excellent way to meet someone to share life with.

The fact of the matter is that as a society evolves and embraces technology, communication changes.

Online dating is a good thing, though ...

Zombie boy finds unlikely life in 'Warm Bodies'


“Warm Bodies” has presented the world with a lovely, unconventional saga of forbidden love and zombies.

Though it is an uncommon story, its main theme of inner conflict with oneself is nothing new. The challenges of a person’s surroundings and circumstances when it comes to fighting for love and ...

Rhett Sullivan named new Mr. Dixie

Rhett Sullivan, a senior communication major from Hurricane, poses with Alana Lee, a junior communication major from Las Vegas. Sullivan is the new Mr. Dixie. Photo by Greg Layton.

“It’s raining men! Hallelujah,” sounded in the men of Dixie.

The annual Mr. Dixie pageant opened with the one-hit-wonder song “It’s Raining Men”  and was welcomed by an audience of screaming women.

Contestants competed in four different categories: best on-stage answer, best sportswear, best talent and best evening ...

Snow Science Center construction nears completion

Multimedia reporter Michael Seery spoke with staff and students about the Snow Science Center construction. Find out how the new building is helping students.

Red Rock Cafe's service, cleanliness, hours subpar


I am a picky person to dine with no matter the venue.

From fast food to the finest restaurants, I am aware of the experience from the moment I walk in the door.

I am extremely particular about where I sit, who is serving me, cleanliness of china, glass and ...

Accounting students offer free tax prep

Graphic by Kari Lopez

Students, faculty and the general public have a source for free tax help, and it’s right here on campus. 

Dixie is providing free income tax preparation starting Feb. 5 through April 11, except during the week of spring break. DSC accounting students, who are IRS certified, will provide the ...

General education: Math knowledge useful in everyday life


With countless formulas, equations, numbers and symbols, math can often turn students’ heads inside-out and upside-down as they wonder when and where they will possibly need to know any of it.

However, math classes are unavoidable in any school setting, particularly college. As students plow through their general education classes ...

Love practiced through technology


“What’s up?”

“I need 2 talk 2 u!”

People are connected 24/7 through social media and texting. Communication in relationships has changed dramatically throughout time as people now utilize technology as an immediate, less-personal way to send a message to a loved one. 

“There are a lot of ...

DSC Academic VP retires; hunt for replacement underway

President Stephen Nadauld addresses Donna Dillingham-Evans with parting words at her retirement party Jan. 31. Dillingham-Evans worked for DSC for a total of 31 years. Photo by Morgan Hyman, DSC PR.

Dixie State College is on the hunt for the new Academic Vice President.

Donald Hinton, dean of school of arts and letters, is currently serving as the interim vice president of academics after Donna Dillingham-Evans retired on Jan. 31.

“A nation-wide search is currently underway to fill the position,” said ...

Weekend loss pushes women's basketball to win this Saturday


The Dixie State College women’s basketball team suffered yet another loss to Grand Canyon University on Saturday.

Although senior guard Erica Hayes tallied off 23 points, and junior forward Johnna Brown added 18 points, the team ended with a 58-68 loss to GCU.

“Yeah we lost, but I was ...

Fun. among students' top picks for Grammys


The “Lonely Boy”s might hoist the award for Album of the Year, while Mumford & Sons will wait. 

Acclaimed releases of the past year will win awards for their recent successes at the Grammy Awards.

The Grammy Awards are the industry standards, as well as a popularity contest, said Glenn ...

Baseball season begins with Red Storm at No. 5

Rustin Sveum, a freshman business administration major from Scottsdale, Ariz., pitches against the alumni team Feb. 2. Photo by Thomas Hender.

Dixie State College baseball team, ranked No. 5 by the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association, is preparing to slam California State University-Los Angeles, Ranked No. 8 in NCBWA, out of the park.

Dixie will take on Cal State, LA on Feb. 8-10 in Los Angeles. There they will play a ...

Men's basketball ranked No. 1 in PacWest


The Red Storm men’s basketball team is looking to maintain its position atop the Pacific West Conference with a win against the Academy of Art on Feb. 9.

Dixie State boasts a seven-game winning streak and a 9-1 record in conference play. Academy of Art is at 4-6 in ...

DSC swings into golf season at Pat Hicks Thunderbird Invitational


The Dixie State College golf team hits off its spring season with the Pat Hicks Thunderbird Invitational hosted by Southern Utah University at Sunbrook Golf Course.

This tournament will congregate 15 schools from all over the United States. DSC will be the only Division II school among 14 Division I ...

Nontraditional students finding education, second chances at DSC

Graphic by Kari Lopez

Enrolling in college at middle age may seem scary at first, but it also provides opportunities to put life skills into play when balancing home and school.

Though study habits need to be reignited, planning and prioritizing may come easier. Juggling a family and a job can provide skills to ...

Loans, financial aid offer opportunity

Multimedia reporter Michael Seery talked to Dixie State College students and staff about the pros and cons of student loans. Find out if the government loans are helping or hindering.

DSC's Career Week to begin Feb. 11

Graphic by Kari Lopez

Dixie State College's Career Week will be full of networking opportunities and company executives.

During Career Week, starting Feb. 11, there will be workshops, luncheons and the career and internship fair.

Beginning Feb. 11 and 12 a noon, there will be a workshop dealing with what students do during ...

The Skewed Review: Adults must accept that not all views are alike


I find a lot of things offensive, but that’s never given me the right to stop a person from saying what he or she wants to say. 

Some of us are just barely leaving the comfort of our parents’ homes, coming to college and being responsible for the very ...

Women shouldn't let gender stop them from asking others out

Alex Arnold, a freshman criminal justice major from Mesa, Ariz., and Kelsey Jetter, a junior English education major from St. George, test a flirtatious date opportunity. Photo by Jessica Dorsey.

From middle school to college, ladies everywhere eventually ask that one question: How do I ask this person out?

Asking people out can be intimidating, whether they are a guy or a girl. The mere thought of asking someone out can be frightening and almost nerve-wrecking. However, it doesn’t ...

Campus seeks student funds for more defibrillators


Dixie State College students might be seeing more defibrillators on campus in the next year.

J.D. Robertson, director of financial aid, brought forth a proposal to the DSC Student Association for 25 cents to be added to student fees each semester in order to add 20 more defibrillators on ...

Red Storm ready themselves for season's first softball game

Rochelle Jenkins, a freshman history major from Mira Loma, Calif., practices her swing. The team feels confident about Tuesday's game against Montana State University-Billings. Photo by Thomas Hender

The weather is warming up, and that could mean many things—one of them being the beginning of softball season.

The Dixie State College softball team has its first game Wednesday at 3 p.m. at the Karl Brooks Field. 

“It’ll be exciting,” said outfielder Bailee Freeland, a sophomore ...

TV serves up guilty pleasures

Graphic by Kari Lopez

With the busy lives students lead, they are still able to find time to watch TV shows that they are ashamed of.

Americans are notorious for having their “favorite” shows, the ones that they can’t get enough of.

But why is this? The answer is simple. It is a ...

Transforming old outfits to new fashions requires just a snip


Old clothes generally get tossed in the garbage, sold at yard sales or get donated; There are thrifty students, however, who stray away from the typical removal of old clothing.

By renovating your old clothes, you’re saving tons of money--money that could go to other things like food. You ...

Dixie adds AA to campus

Students struggling with drug and alcohol issues now have a resource in Alcoholics Anonymous. Multimedia reporter Calvin Smith spoke to those who are utilizing AA.

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