Post grad opportunities not so bright


After four years of drudgery, many graduates eagerly anticipate the swells of the “Pomp and Circumstance Marches” as they finish up finals and projects.

However, the reality for many college graduates is less than exciting. According to a report from The Huffington Post, one in two college graduates are jobless ...

How should you spend your summer?

Graphic by Kari Lopez
Dixie Sun News asked 100 students for advice about what to do over the summer. Click on the graphic to see the results.

DSU resources largely underutilized

A few on-campus resources remain ignored or unnoticed, like the pool and the red storm room. Many students are unaware of these resources and where to find them. Photo by Heather Harrison.

The sweat students lose during a final exam could be replaced with a dip into cool waters; too bad the pool on campus goes unnoticed.

Dixie State University has many unknown campus resources that are available for students. Most schools try to cater to the needs and comfort of the ...

Online scholarships offer additional dollars


Getting an education is undoubtedly expensive, but students at Dixie State University needn’t worry.

Even if you’ve applied for all the scholarships through the financial aid office that you’re eligible for, there are plenty of scholarships you can apply for online.

“Not only will our financial aid ...

FoodSpace: Irmita's St. George's go-to for authentic Mexican

Irmita's, an authentic Mexican food restaurant located at 148 W. St. George Blvd., follows recipes directly from owner Irmita Garcia's grandmother. Photo by Katie McKellar

It is only fitting that my last FoodSpace column of the semester goes out with full flavor.

I moved to St. George from southern California, and it’s only natural that I would bring with me an appreciation of authentic Mexican food. As you may know, there is a shortage ...

Tax refund spending options boundless


That mid-April money boost is plumping students' wallets. 

Coinciding with the semester's end, tax return seasois fueling students' travel plans and can provide a safety net for future investments and career choices. 

Shandon Gubler, associate professor of business, said students should keep money-saving in mind but should ...

Erotic Topic: Minorities should have voice


To those who wish to put and end to Erotic Topic: I hope you realize the scope of what you're demanding.

Dixie Sun News posted a Facebook poll March 25 asking its readers whether Erotic Topic should still be published. As of April 13, 470 voters support the column ...

GSA to take vow of silence against LGBT bullying

People all across the country plan to take a vow of silence in support LGBT rights on April 19 by duct taping their mouths shut. Photo by Heather Harrison.

Students all across the U.S. will take a vow of silence on April 19.

These students will be silent to protest any type of bullying against members of the LGBT community.

Day of Silence is a student-led national event that brings attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in ...

Celebrity-backed causes easier to support, students say


Mike Myers, Ne-Yo and Penelope Cruz all have one thing in common: UNICEF.

They, like many other celebrities, donate and support to UNICEF. Many celebrities are actively involved in raising awareness about causes and corresponding charitable organizations. Their involvement may vary, from tweeting once to volunteering annually, but overall, celebrities ...

Home remedies often prove useful


Old wives' tales about cure-all remedies can provide a good laugh, but home remedies are sometimes useful for certain ailments.

From the ridiculous to the practical, home remedies can actually hold medicinal properties by helping with certain conditions.

Under the weather

Feeling sick, whether it be a cough, sore throat ...

St. George summers offer fun, potential health risks


Warm weather brings students outside but could be considered dangerous.

 One of the perks of coming to Dixie State University is the warm climate. However, while the warm weather can be nice, it is important for students to stay safe while participating in activities outside. 

Christian Hildebrandt, director of campus ...

Obscure sites win praise, garner happy user base


Although Facebook, Twitter and YouTube play a big part in daily life, students have found other sites to meet their Internet needs.

Through word of mouth and chance finds, the lesser-known sites are often catered to a certain demographic and give users a sense of satisfaction for finding them.

“I ...

Keep schedules diverse, avoid cramming

Graphic by Kari Lopez

Between generals and classes working toward your major, crafting a well-planned schedule can take more thought than passing the classes themselves. 

With registration open, help is still needed for students seeking the perfect schedule.

Rebecca Wright, a junior biology major from South Jordan, said she preschedules her classes.

“I like ...

FoodSpace: Campus food truck serves monster deals

The Beast parks at various places across campus to attract hungry students. However, The Beast’s business isn’t as bustling as campus dining officials would hope. Photo Courtesy: Martin Peterson.

We see it, we hear it and we smell it.

It is the biggest vehicle on campus and receives the least amount of attention from students. The Beast is Dixie State University’s own food truck. It can be seen parked various places on campus with its inviting music and ...

DSU's parkour club sanctioned, still gets questioned by security

Multimedia reporter Calvin Smith caught up with Dixie State University's parkour club members. The club is now fully sanctioned by the college, but members say campus security still checks up on them to make sure their wavers are valid.